My departure for Papua New Guinea (PNG) is now just over two weeks away and I have a frightening amount of stuff to do to get ready. One of the big items was to visit the Travel Vaccination Centre for my shots. I’ve alreay been vaccinated against just about everything on the planet but some of them expire, so I went along to see what needed a booster. Turns out, I don’t need much, which is good – only Cholera and Typhoid this time. I had the option to get a booster for Japanese Encephalitis but opted against it because it costs $400 and I figured, “How bad can Encephalitis be?” I have to sleep under a mosquito net anyway to avoid Malaria and Dengue Fever.
The doc considered giving me rabies shots but then looked it up and realised that the only way to catch rabies in PNG is to be bitten by a bat. He actually said something like, “Don’t get bitten by a bat”. So I shall avoid damp, expansive caves and climbing fruit trees at night. The Doc explained that if I do get bitten I need both the vaccine and the treatment shots. “Make sure you get the big one in the butt”, he said, “If it’s only a small one in the arm, then that’s not the right one”.