Weather in Port Moresby

I don’t talk about the weather. Usually, the weather is what people talk about when they have nothing interesting to share. Or when they don’t know someone very well and feel the need to fill the silence. I rate talking about the weather like I rate talking about reality television. Sure, one can, but seriously, why bother? Use that time to talk about something substantial. Something memorable. Have discussions about politics, religion, and sex – all the things we’re never supposed to talk about, and yet we all love to.

A few years back, when I was living in East Timor, I met an American guy who described Philadelphia as being “Ass-Cold”. The expression amused me. So today, I am making an exception to my rule of not talking about the weather because Vancouver is ass-cold and rainy. Port Moresby is not. Ok, so it’s still rainy in Port Moresby – but it’s not ass-cold. It never gets ass-cold in Papua New Guinea.